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Why Choose Miller & Markez?
If you are a foreigner that is currently pursuing business in Mexico, it is essential that expert advice be sought from a Mexican lawyer who specializes in solving scams and debt collection matters. This with experience and expertise in international commercial law. For these type of matters, it is simply not enough to have a good, one-dimensional lawyer on your side (either a US lawyer with no exposure or dominant knowledge of Mexican law, or a Mexican lawyer who lacks the capabilities needed to effeciently handle international commercial matters). It’s even worse to have a "general practitioner," even a good one. The fact is, you need a specialist with a proven track record to get the most RELIABLE advice and legal representation.


There are many forms of becoming a victim, some of those ways are:

 *mass media such as postcard mailing
 *email blasts

Scam artist utilize these methods to reach large numbers of people to attempt to defraud them with various schemes. Most of these schemes fall under the category of advance fee frauds - scams that are designed to get people to send money with the promise of goods or services that will never actually be supplied.



Why are we different?

Our firm differs from all law firms because of our specialty focus and our capabilities, which allow us to provide our clients with many benefits, including proven a success rate and reliable legal advice arising from our wide experience in solving scams and our property  research; affordable fees thanks to our unique structure and flexible payment options; guaranteed ethical conduct and quality service; nation-wide coverage and strong partnerships with local attorneys for strategic advantages and better results at reduced costs; and the necessary expertise and focus in one area of law to assure success.

At Miller & Markez, we firmly believe, and have clearly proven, that we have the capabilities needed to effectively handle international commercial matters, which in turn makes us the most RELIABLE source for solving scams and debt collection relating to international transactions. We are the only Law firm in Mexico exclusively devoted to these kinds of matters. We have so much confidence in the capabilities of our team and in the quality of our services, that we even provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee on every service.

You are invited to look through our Web site for useful free resources and information, and to contact us with any question or comment, for a free consultation, or to take advantage of our free legal audit for selling goods in Mexico. We hope you'll give us the opportunity to help you, and we look forward to a trustworthy relationship between us.